App-V Application Virtualization

Today, it is a truth that the work loads are increasing proportional to growing of corporations, and managing, distributing and operating these applications secure and in harmony is getting harder for IT personnel. Here, Microsoft, provides you with App-V platform, meaning that Application Virtualization solution in a best and most reliable manner. It turns the applications we operate in Desktop and Remote Desktop services into virtual packages and provides a central management by hosting them on Application Virtualization Servers.

By turning your applications into a single copy installment, it may distribute them to all users, as well as reduce your management and maintenance costs significantly. Microsoft can distribute your App-V Windows desktop applications to your end users within the specified policies in real-time and without suitability problems.

Microsoft Hyper-V and Server Virtualization

Servers those operate for IT services in past are amongst the most important components of businesses. Due to security requirements, performance concerns and suitability worries, these are generally operated stand-alone without sharing. Today, the raising number of these components creates many costs for business such as management, energy consuming, climatization.

Today using resources efficiently became important with the improvements of technology and efficient usage of resources is refined by integration with Server Virtualization technology. With Hyper-V, Microsoft proved itself as a strong rival in Server Virtualization technology throughout the industry. Hyper-V can either work as a Windows Server role or in a Hypervisor layer. And also with its important roles in Private Cloud architectures and workload visualization, it has a strong position against the rivals in market.

Desktop Virtualization with Microsoft

Desktop applications data centers or cloud-centered Microsoft Desktop Virtualization solution help to keep your data integrity while ensuring your users can access corporation resources from anywhere by using different devices. Only flow of desktop and applications exist on user devices but no data storage. Thus, in case such as stealing, lost or damage of the device, the data loss risks are reduced.

As IT firms operate with limited resources, we are aware the difficulty of implementing the new solutions. Microsoft Desktop Virtualization solution is designed to facilitate the installment and management of remote desktops, sessions and applications by using a single console unified in Windows Server. Thus, while benefiting of your staff's existing skills, you can also ensure your users to remain productive on various devices and platforms.