Social Responsibility

As the Itserv family, we promote the sustainability of living. We work hard to safeguard the environment and guarantee that people from whatever aspect of life have equal chances.


We do our best to make life easier, no matter how tiny or huge, and we keep going forward.


İf there is humanity, there is hope.


We consider it as one of the key responsibilities of humanity to make a difference in another person’s life. As for Itserv, we view it as a concept that suffering lessens through sharing, and hope increases with togetherness.

We continue to make frequent donations, with the realization that being with SMA patients financially and morally and the constancy of the aid are the essential things binding them to life.


We will continue to conduct our lives in such a way that our tomorrow will be green!


We will continue to work together with the Tema Foundation so that trees, which are among the most important elements of vitality, bring life to the future all across the world and in our country.

With the understanding of fulfilling our responsibility towards nature, we support the planting programs to breathe life into the future of our work.


With our constant work, we shall continue to cultivate the future.


We put up a lot of effort to reach out to young people.


We feel it our duty and responsibility to consistently assist the education of our children who have lost their parents.

We assume the duty to ensure equal opportunity in education and we always stand by our children with the “Darüşşafaka Looking for Parents” campaign to contribute to the training of persons who will be leaders of the future.


Whether online or in the real world, we welcome development and what sports offer to our lives. We encourage those who open the doors of the virtual world with e-sports, the new vital aspect of our life.

We are already in this game.


By contributing to the growth of e-sports with the sponsorship activities and competitions we arrange, we are aiming to incorporate the understanding of the sport of the future into daily life.