Desktop Virtualization

Vmware Horizon Suite workforce mobilization platform doesn’t compromise BT security and control while providing end users with access to their data and applications from anywhere.


While IT can transform desktops, data and applications into central services, it also improves the services’ measure-based management with operational efficiency, security and agility. Workforce productivity increases thanks to Horizon Suite which provides end users with a consistent experience from home, from office and even when mobile on different device platforms.


Horizon Suite includes both Vmware market leader desktop solution and new technologies especially produced for mobile and mobilized workforce.

Vmware Horizon View

VMware Horizon View™ ensures end user freedom with IT management and control by providing desktop services from your cloud. Now with Horizon View, IT can provide desktop services from a center having accessibility and reliability levels which would not be possible with traditional desktop computers and simplifies the management of thousands of desktops.

Due to its ability to provide end users with secure access to applications and data from all devices whenever and wherever needed, Horizon View gives maximum flexibility and mobility to end users.

VMware Horizon Mirage

VMware® Horizon Mirage™ is a layered image management solution which can provide the management of your IT or end users with desktop, laptop and virtual end points as separated into layers. Thus, you can maintain end users’ files and settings without modification while updating layers managed by IT.

In order to maximize end user productivity, snapshot and backups of end point images separated into layers ensure you to restore quickly in case of an error.

VMware Horizon Workspace

VMware® Horizon Workspace™ ensures BT to manage, provide and maintain the applications and data centrally while ensuring users to access applications and data easily from any devices.

The result for end users is real mobility ability: thus they can access desired data and applications anywhere, anytime to work productively. And the result for IT is more control on organization data for different devices.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization increases your IT resource and applications’ accessibility and efficiency. It saves IT staff from periodic recurring management duties and ensures them to innovate. Due to significant saves in hardware costs and server efficiency it ensures, server virtualization business has grown quickly and now is ready with different virtualization platforms. The differences between the platforms of different manufacturers are significant. Vmware, with secure and robust platform it provides, ensures IT to be connected to service level agreements for even most resource-demanded critical business applications with lowest TCO.

Most Trusted Virtualization Platform

As new work loads are virtualized, virtualization platform being reliable and robust is critical. While its rivals claims that Hypervisor is only a tool and in fact all virtualization platforms are same, Vmware has perfect a hypervisor architecture and management platform which is a single in its category. Vmware Hypervisor, which is developed purpose-oriented, brings a different approach to virtualization. Due to this difference, Vmware is known as the most robust and proven hypervisor in industry. It includes ESXi hypervisor platform within vSphere with its reliable and robust hypervisor. ESXi is the first “bare-metal” (not needing an operation system) hypervisor of the sector for x86 processor architecture. It started in 2001 and today 5th generation is in the market. This hypervisor is designed only for virtualization.

Most Successful, Most Reliable and Most Used Platform

With the included technology and innovation, Vmware vSphere became one of the infrastructure solutions growing fastest. Due to the innovations it provided for more than 10 years vSphere is known as an industry leader by customers, press and researchers. 2012 InfoWorld Best Virtualization Platform Technology of the Year award is highlighted along with the ones granted to Vmware products within this period. This award confirms the position of Vmware once again and reveals the technology difference between Vmware and its rivals. Customers finds vSphere data reliable and this product is used by various sector, industry and customer audiences.

The World's Most Successful Companies Use Vmware

Vmware, from desktop computers to servers and cloud solutions, is the option with its proven success for virtualization. Over 500,000 customers in various scales prefer Vmware for their virtualization platforms.

The leadership of Vmware in virtualization ranges between big and small scaled businesses. According to the market survey by Spiceworks MarketView in April 2012, Vmware has a market share between 74% and 82% among the SMEs. Vmware is used by all industries worldwide.

Among these customers:

Fortune 100 list 99%
Fortune 500 list 99%
Fortune Global 100 list 99%
There is a Fortune Global 500 list. 99%