Cloud Services

The main service subject of ITCloud is to provide the needed services and platforms for FKM and Business Continuity processes without an additional investment.

ITCloud cloud technologies provide L2 network services along with accessibility to costumers’ systems within the scope of service processes specified with designed systems on the basis of a 24/7 operability principle in any disaster event.

A copy of Business-Critic systems of customers having Maintenance Agreement provides service within the frame of continuity planned in ITCloud cloud technologies. At the same time, for the customers who will invest for new infrastructure (Server & Storage & Virtualization).


It provides the following three cloud technology components;

SaaS (Software as a Service) providing the software as a service

PaaS (Platform as a Service) providing the platform as a service

IaaS (Insfrastructure as a Service) providing the server infrastructure as a service.

Server Access Service in ITCloud Platform

ITCloud platform; It eliminates the risk of unable to restore the data backed-up depending on to the cases of problems in hardware actively used in your local network.

Access to recovered server data opened in ITCloud platform; It is ensured on Layer2 level, in Network Extend architecture or via end-to-end networks (Site to Site VPN) and/or trusted private network (SSL-VPN).

Off-Site Backup

It is required to transfer, to another location, a copy of your backups made related to the regulations or possible unexpected problems occurred in your server / data storage systems.
For our customers who don’t want to invest for a second location or to spend both human source and time source, we provide this service in our ITCloud platform.

We ensure your backups to be in another location by sending your backup data hosted in your local network through evaluating them on the basis of virtual server or service in requested frequencies, to ITCloud platform.

How ITCloud performs?

For your servers working within the company, criticality of each server/service is determined via Business Impact Analysis.

A copy of each server is sent to ITCloud system with desired RPO times both instantly and delayed.
In case of a complete disaster, all systems will start to serve on ITCloud systems according to Business Continuity Plan previously made.

Layer2 network connections between customer location and ITCloud systems are established by ITCloud engineers within the scope of project. For Layer2 connection, customer’s existing Internet line is used with no need for any extra investment (MPLS, IPsevVPn, Private Line etc.).

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